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As a first article, I decided what better than my first sports rant ever? I refuse to use twitter and facebook hates my rants. So here we are.

I think I will start with the perception that the Redskins are the number one team in Maryland from another blogger named “logicalvoicesays”. How horrifying! One could not be so naive. I realize that hometown pride and reppin’ your team is one thing. Giving them false credit over the current World Champs is another. He brings the argument that the Redskins “beat the Ravens on and off the field every year.” Please elaborate? Oh I think I shall do that for you!

The Ravens became a team in Baltimore in 1996 after Art Modell moved them from Cleveland. I don’t count the years before that because I feel that the Cleveland Browns should get that success or failure as it is their city. With that being said, 1996 was the Ravens first season on the field. Since 1996, the Ravens have won two Super Bowls, 2000 and 2012. Also in that time span they have made the playoffs nice times.

I hate the “rings” argument. That is fine for teams with a similar amount of history if you’re older and been around. If you started watching football in 1995 or later, you have no argument. It’s easy to pick a team that was recently a great team such as the Cowboys, or switch to one that is currently doing great such as the Steelers. If you started watching football, or any sport for that matter, after 1995 then the only championships you have to use is the ones after that year. I also try to keep the timelines even. So in this case, I will do just that. 

The Washington Redskins, since 1996, have won ZERO Super Bowls. They haven’t even been to one. They made the playoffs just four times including the emergence of RGIII. And no, it wasn’t thanks to him. Take a team effort. Alfred Morris deserves a lot of credit here as does their stout defense. That’s pretty meager for a team that is apparently a better team on and off the field than the reigning Champs.

Also since 1996, the Ravens have drafted at least, AT LEAST, two Hall of Fame bound players. (Ray Lewis and Ed Reed) Haloti Ngata is looking like he wants a bust there as well as Ray Rice. Give Flacco one or two more rings and he will probably end up there being a quarterback. If Todd Heap had stayed healthy, who knows? The Redskins haven’t brought in may players even worthy of probowl status. Orakpo is about it. Ryan Kerrigan is pretty good but fails to stay healthy. RGIII didn’t give us a good reading in his first season due to injury. I’m also not completely sold on scrambling quarterbacks yet either. Thanks Michael Vick. Alfred Morris was great, but so was Roy Helu and Evan Royster. What are they up to now? Clinton Portis deserves a bust in Canton, but I’m not one of the voters. Still, seems to me that the Ravens won that one too.

All this guy has going for him is that the Redskins won the game in the end of 2012 when the Ravens were dealing with a bunch of injuries while riding a two game lead in the division. Take that win, we took the Super Bowl.

So that, in a nut shell, is my first publicized rant for professional football. You can expect more everyday based on the actions of players, coaches, and Roger Goodell. Thanks for taking the time to read. If you have an comments, please be sure to keep them professional and considerate! Is there something you would like my opinion or perception on? Just ask!